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31 32 However, Pakistani clothing varies regionally and traditionally reflects historical ethnolinguistic links, 33 with Indian cultural clothing such as kurtas, dhotis and saris having more prominence among the likes of the Muhajir and Punjabi communities 34 and Persianate clothing such as chador / burqa, khetpartug and perahan-o tunban having more prominence among the Baloch and Pashtun communities.
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India weighs up new security risks in wake of Taliban takeover. Pakistan airline to resume commercial flights to Kabul. Published: 11 Sep 2021. Pakistan airline to resume commercial flights to Kabul. Home Office cancels third deportation flight to Pakistan in a year.
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Since 1947 Pakistan has been involved in four conventional wars, the first war occurred in Kashmir with Pakistan gaining control of Western Kashmir, Azad Kashmir and GilgitBaltistan, and India retaining Eastern Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Territorial problems eventually led to another conventional war in 1965; over the issue of Bengali refugees that led to another war in 1971 which resulted in Pakistan's' unconditional surrender in East Pakistan.

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