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Firm Definition. LinkedIn with Background.
When used in a title, firm" is typically associated with businesses that provide professional law and accounting services, but the term may be used for a wide variety of businesses, including finance, consulting, marketing, and graphic design firms, among others.
FIRM meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
firm bid/commitment The group said it has a firm commitment to sell two radio stations in Chicago to minority partners. firm order/offer They already have firm orders for much of the new stock. firm decision We haven't' made a firm decision as yet.
Firm definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
If someone's' grip is firm or if they perform a physical action in a firm way, they do it with quite a lot of force or pressure but also in a controlled way. The quick handshake was firm and cool.
firm Wiktionary.
This is an industry that brings together individual savers and lenders on online platforms. Banks and credit-card firms are kept out of the picture. Talk to enough people in the field and someone is bound to mention the democratisation of finance.
firm meaning of firm in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
firm firm 3 verb transitive PRESS to press down on soil to make it harder or more solid firm something up See Verb table Examples from the Corpus firm The researchers are to examine more trees including four more species before they firm up their claims.
Firm Definition of Firm by Merriam-Webster.
firmed; firming; firms. Definition of firm Entry 3 of 4. 1 a: to make secure or fast: tighten firming her grip on the racquet often used with up. b: to make solid or compact firm the soil. 2: to put into final form: settle firm a contract firm up plans. 3: to give additional support to: strengthen usually used with up. 1: to become firm: harden often used with up. 2: to recover from a decline: improve the market is firming. Definition of firm Entry 4 of 4. 1: the name or title under which a company transacts business.

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