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Firm definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
They are about getting into arguments in languages you can't' speak with car rental firms. Times, Sunday Times 2015. It is also wider than it is tall, which gives it a classic Japanese feel and makes it a firm favourite.
Firm Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
2: not subject to price weakness: steady firm commodities. b: not easily moved or disturbed: steadfast a firm believer in democracy. c: well-founded firm evidence of criminal activity. 3: indicating firmness or resolution a firm mouth a firm voice. Definition of firm Entry 2 of 4.: in a firm manner: steadfastly, fixedly. firmed; firming; firms.
FIRM meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
We don't' want to go back to the highly organized football hooligan firms" of the 1980s. There are football firms all over Europe, from Belgium to Ukraine. Football firms often have firm" within their name, for example" West Ham ICF" - the Inter" City Firm.
Firm Definition.
A firm is a for-profit business organization-such as a corporation, limited liability company LLC, or partnership-that provides professional services. Most firms have just one location. However, a business firm consists of one or more physical establishments, in which all fall under the same ownership and use the same employer identification number EIN.
Fire Information for Resource Management System FIRMS Earthdata.
Basic and Advanced Modes for FIRMS Users More Information. FIRMS Frequently Asked Questions FAQs. Citation Policy and Disclaimer. Wildfires Data Pathfinder. Webinar: Discover NASAs Fire Information for Resource Management System FIRMS 2018. Webinar: Discover NASA's' Near Real-Time Data using LANCE 2020.
firm meaning of firm in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
firm firm 3 verb transitive PRESS to press down on soil to make it harder or more solid firm something up See Verb table Examples from the Corpus firm The researchers are to examine more trees including four more species before they firm up their claims.
List of hooligan firms - Wikipedia.
Hooligans of FC Berlin with masked faces during a match between FC Carl Zeiss Jena and FC Berlin in 1990. Hooligan firms also known as football firms are groups that participate in football hooliganism in European countries. For groups in Latin America, see barra brava and torcida organizada.

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